People Pushed Again Toward Revolution

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

In a recent post it was suggested that the Kraken was on his way. The Kraken , in this case, referred to the US citizenry. Recent events have caused the Kraken to stir. Dustin Bass reflects this stirring in the piece below: A People Pushed Again Toward Revolution.

Our insular, pompous political class has no idea of the anger building.

Half the country is angry because Donald Trump lost (likely unfairly) the recent election. That provides a flashpoint for Republicans. Fortunately the hooligans in this party are so few that burning cities or innocents dying are unlikely to occur.

But anger is not limited to Republicans or the recent election. Democrats are dissatisfied as well. They appear temporarily happy because their Party will be in control. However, high expectations will quickly shatter. The Democrat Party stands for nothing that can improve the lives or conditions of the citizenry. Their concept of economics would be embarrassing in an introductory economics course. Even outright Socialists are unimpressed by many of their ideas.

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