Look at Who Just Said First Stop for Gold is $2,500 and $45 Silver

from King World News

Gold and silver just had major upside breakouts. Look at who just said first stop for gold $2,500 and $45 silver.

Big Moves For Gold, Silver And Miners

January 5 (King World News) – David Hunter: All systems go for the metals. Gold poised to run to $2500 & silver to $45 in the 1st Quarter. The miners will follow suit with GDX headed for $55, GDXJ $100, SIL $75, and SILJ $30. After big gains in the 2nd & 3rd Quarter, metals and miners consolidated those gains for 4 months. Next upleg has begun.


Otavio Costa: Amazes me that silver still trades sub $30/oz. Last 12 months: $25T of newly issued debt worldwide. $9T of monetary stimulus by central banks. $18T of negative yielding bonds. Meanwhile: Silver miners’ CAPEX is now at a decade low. -18% YoY! Supply massively constrained.

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