Dark Day for America – Will Trump Strike Back? – Alex Newman with Greg Hunter

Alex Newman – Biden Presidency Means the End of America

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Journalist Alex Newman says if you think the certification of Joe Biden as President means it’s over, you are wrong. It is not over, and the Deep State coup plotters are afraid of President Trump invoking something called the “Insurrection Act.” That act allows him to stop a coup or an attack on America by using the military or militia. Trump has said that he has tried to overturn the fraudulent election by all legal means and has failed. Newman says, “Former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) General Michael Flynn says he is 100% sure Trump will be President for the next four years. He said it was a ten out of ten. Flynn knows things we don’t know, and Flynn is dealing with the President on a regular basis. . . . The President has to understand that if he walks away, they are never going to leave him alone. . . . It’s a dark day for America.

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