You Ready to Revolt Yet America?

by Karl Denninger

Peacefully, I hope, but absolutely with exactly zero quarter given to anyone who tries to stop you.

Yes, this means throwing maskholes out of your businesses. It means refusing to sell goods and services to government goons and health department workers – and their families. It means telling businesses to take down the signs and “hall monitors” or you’re going elsewhere and you will target them and their employees for personal and financial destruction. It means telling everyone who works for any part of the medical monster — hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, nursing home employees and everyone else: Cut the bull****, right now and forevermore or you’re going to be the social pariahs — yourselves, your spouses and your children. You will be the people who we cross the street to avoid, who we deliberately drive through puddles when you’re on the sidewalk to splash and who get the finger instead of a smile and a handshake everywhere we see you. You will be the reason we utter a word in Church that has no place there save when Satan, which you are a manifestation of, walks in the door: “****”, to be immediately followed by “you.”


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