Wokeism Should Terrify Liberals

by Mickey Kaus

I suppose it’s conventional wisdom that the pandemic is Joe Biden’s friend. It gives him a unifying project for a year that can distract from his shortcomings as a leader (including, but not limited to, inability to inspire with soaring rhetoric). Most Americans will support any reasonable anti-COVID actions he takes and be grateful when they eventually succeed. Does Biden want to wriggle out of domestic policy promises? Delay them with a Covid excuse.. He’s Dr.-End-The-Virus, not Dr.-Ban-Assault-Weapons, at least for the moment. Meanwhile, Republicans are going to criticize his virus policies… how? Well, they can lead an anti-lockdown, anti-mask resistance. But Biden isn’t an obvious foil because he seems to want to open up the schools–and it’s not clear that Berensonian resistance is the path to a majority as long as the virus stays at scary levels..

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