The Revolution Should Have Already Begun: Change My Mind

by Karl Denninger

Last night Congress passed a monster 5,500 page bill for “Coronavirus Relief.”

The bill language was released just a few hours before it was voted upon; it was literally impossible to read it first.

When Obamacare was passed I stayed up, literally all night, and read it first. That was at least humanly possible to do, although I suspect not one Congresscritter did. I did, with a crap-ton of Espresso and four screens going so I could look at all the references in the bill. I actually knew what was in there before it was passed unlike all the *******s who voted on it. And that bill was a fraction of this bill’s size.

So who wrote the bill? You certainly can’t write 5,500 pages in a few hours. Therefore it certainly wasn’t Congressional leadership that wrote it.

Did Xi write it? How about George Soros and his pals? Did he write it? What sort of bull**** grab-bag and screw the people nonsense is in there? Nobody who voted for it knows because…. wait for it…. they didn’t read it first.

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