Tesla Was Added to the SPX – Now What?

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

Tesla is emblematic of the fraud and deception that has permeated every nook and cranny of the United States’ economic and political system. It is the poster-child for the biggest stock bubble in history.

Well, the SPX index inclusion event is finally over. TSLA shares were quite volatile on Friday. TSLA was up over $30 early in the trading session Friday. In the last hour of trading, TSLA swung from from up $20 to down $20 and ended up closing up $39, as roughly 95 million shares crossed the tape at the close, likely index funds finalizing their rebalancing. The stock closed down $19 in the after-hours trading on Friday.

While it’s impossible to know for sure, my bet is that TSLA will start dropping precipitously in price sometime over the next 3-4 weeks. As of mid-day Tuesday (Dec 21) the shares are down 8.6% from Friday’s close.

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