Reports Claim “Anti-Trump” SCOTUS Justice Roberts Afraid To Hear Election Fraud Cases Due to Liberal “Riots”

by Kelen McBreen
Info Wars

Multiple sources are claiming Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is an “anti-Trumper” who is actively working to ensure President Trump isn’t re-elected.

A video going viral online shows Arizona State Senator Eddie Farnsworth citing a Supreme Court staffer who allegedly heard SCOTUS judges yelling behind closed doors during a heated argument.

Farnsworth describes a statement made by a “Current staffer for one of the Supreme Court Justices.”

“He said the justices, as they always do, went into a closed room to discuss cases or to debate,” Farnsworth explained. “There are no phones, no computers, no nothing. No one else is in the room except the nine justices. It’s typically very civil.”

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