Nullification Isn’t Just for Democrats, Anymore

by Geoffrey P. Hunt
American Thinker

Since the 2016 election, Democrats have made all kinds of nullification standard fare, but more pernicious than displaying a disagreeable temperament, or contrary opinion; more than First Amendment-protected civil disobedience.

Instead, making that which is legitimate, illegitimate; making what is illegitimate, legitimate. Making what is decent, abhorrent; making what is grotesque, glorious—all enjoying approbation from a fawning media.

Any and all tactics, now including election fraud, and covering up bribery of a president to-be, are used unapologetically, with no subterfuge, and with impunity. Truth now is subjective, conditioned on identity and whether it will be canceled by the mob, or approved by the neo-aristocracy.

To “nullify,” derived from the Latin “nullus” meaning none or nothing, is more than just saying “no.” It can be athletic repudiation, loathing, despising – in the vernacular: “Hell, no!”

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