‘I’m Not an A**hole, the Governor is’: Celebrity Chef Blasts Newsom’s Covid-19 Regulations

by Jon Brown
Daily Wire

A celebrity chef in California posted a video on Twitter explaining why his restaurant chain will remain open despite Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s lockdown mandate.

Chef Andrew Gruel, who is the founder, CEO, and executive chef of Slapfish, which is a seafood restaurant franchise based in Huntingdon Beach, California, responded to backlash he has received for criticizing the onerous lockdown edicts in California.

“OK, I’ve got everybody blowing up my replies right now, saying I’m a grandmother-killer and that we don’t take this pandemic seriously, so I’m just going to address it all right here so that I actually don’t have to individually go back and forth and box with every single one of these fake accounts,” Gruel began.

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