Hey, GOP: This is Your ‘Do or Die’ Moment

by Brian C. Joondeph
American Thinker

Life seldom offers second chances. When opportunity knocks you can either answer the door or sit idly by as opportunity moves on to the next house, never to return. Opportunity is knocking on the doors of elected Republicans today. Will the door be answered? Do Republicans hear the knocking, or are their fingers in their ears, trying hard to not hear anything, reminiscent of Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes?

President Trump is the door knocker. He started knocking in June 2015 when he rode down the Trump Tower escalator promising to Make America Great Again. Some in the GOP answered his call and stood firm to support Trump’s agenda and defend him against the Spygate coup. Others like Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeff Flake, and others went out of their way to throw roadblocks in Trump’s path, and those still on the political scene continue nagging Trump to this day.

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