Follow the Science (Except When the Results are Inconvenient)

by Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.
American Thinker

During the COVID pandemic, much science is at play, treated either as gospel or hate speech, enough for science professionals to lose their jobs or be suspended from social media platforms if their views are inconvenient to the establishment’s narrative.

The all-knowing, all-caring, anointed guru of all things COVID, Dr Anthony Fauci, has been wrong at least as often as he has been right, with a predictive value of a coin flip. Yet any scientific utterance from him is treated in the media as a scientific law, on par with gravity, as long he speaks convenient science.

The CDC and WHO also have a long string of flip flops regarding the Wuhan flu. Were they following the science when they made their incorrect pronouncements? Or were they sticking a finger in the air, following the political winds?

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