Final Test for the Market Before Year End

by Avi Gilburt

For the almost decade that I have been writing publicly, I have implored you to recognize the importance of market sentiment in determining the direction and turning points in the market.

Yet, I still shake my head when I read articles, or even the comment section to my own articles, as most analysis and comments are so hyper-focused on what the news or other factors will do to the market. And, no matter how many times the market moves opposite to those expectations, the analyst or commenter seems to develop selective amnesia, as they continue on their merry way to yet again analyze the market based upon the same failed perspectives.

Through the years, I have written many articles and have cited many recent studies that explains why those that have followed this “method” may be considered insane based upon Einstein’s proposition that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is the personification of insanity.

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