Defund the Police? No, Defeed the Destroyers

by Articles of Confederation
The Burning Platform

[…] I had sincerely hoped I would make it through 2020 without a major system shock. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years preparing as much as possible for whatever our garbage government would screw up and/or make worse. I was able to roll with the punches, even while my children’s social lives, education, and well-being were torn asunder by our fearless and ever-talented “public servants”. I watched in helplessness as my closest neighbors lost their jobs in addition to nearly everything they had strived so hard to achieve. Retirement, savings, inheritance – all drained.

However, on the morning of Christmas, the day on which I celebrate the birth of the King of Kings, I got that major, full- system shock. Nothing, it seems, is sacred anymore in these godforsaken times. There’s no walking back my seething rage; even if I could, I wouldn’t retreat into dispassion. So please forgive me ahead of time for being unable to speak without calm or without emotion. I do not possess the eloquence of Sam Adams, nor can I convey a thought as effortlessly as C.S. Lewis. Admittedly, I’m now a resister who will not cooperate with evil from this point forward.

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