Chicago Teachers Union: ‘The Push to Reopen Schools is Rooted in Sexism, Racism, and Misogyny’

No one has fought harder to keep kids out of the classroom than teachers unions.

[Ed. Note: There’s a simple solution… Close the schools. Quit paying the teachers. Lower the taxes. Everyone wins except for the greedy parasites.]

by RobSoave

The Chicago Teachers Union, which represents more than 28,000 educators in the nation’s third largest city, tweeted on Sunday: “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”

That was the entire tweet; the union provided no additional comment or clarifying statement. There was no acknowledgment that many people who argue schools should reopen are doing so in good faith. A spokesperson for the union did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

To say that sexism, racism, or any other -ism is at the “root” of the (thus far unsuccessful) reopening push is absurd and insulting. Stressed-out parents who want to send their kids back to the classroom are not motivated by animus toward teachers, and they are certainly not motivated by animus toward women or minorities.

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