California Doctor Fired After Questioning County’s Coronavirus Lockdown

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

A California doctor has been removed from his position after he spoke out against the restrictive measures implemented in Contra Costa County.

The letter: The doctor, Michael deBoisblanc, wrote a letter to health officials in the county, along with doctors Pete Mazolewski and Brian Hopkins. The doctors argued that lockdown measures are harmful and took issue with how the county uses low ICU occupancy to justify shutdown measures, claiming that they are almost always low.

The letter also said that more testing leads to more false-positive coronavirus results and noted that medical experts support the idea to keep schools open.

“We are writing to you with deep concern regarding more lockdown measures for our county. We feel the science is clear that more lockdowns lead to much more non COVID morbidity and mortality as supported by the CDC. We are confused as to why this is happening as we are often overcapacity in our hospitals and ICUs every winter and we have never done this previously. We also run our ICUs normally at a high rate of occupancy as this is most cost effective,” they wrote in a letter addressed to Dr. Chris Farnitano, Contra Costa Public Health Doctor.

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