‘You Can’t Enforce’ Thanksgiving Lockdowns, New Mexico Governor Says

by Jon Brown
Daily Wire

Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham conceded Friday that enforcing limits on private Thanksgiving gatherings is impossible both in her state and everywhere else.

During an interview with “PBS News Hour,” Grisham was asked first to comment on whether is was possible to enforce a shutdown in her state, which has seen an exponential rise of COVID-19 cases as deaths top 74,000.

“So, it depends on personal compliance — really incredibly hard to attain in any state,” Grisham answered. “This one’s no different. We’ve had a mandatory mask mandate since May.”

“Getting our businesses to support us more productively, I think, has been a bit of a challenge,” Grisham continued. “But I have to say, today, they get it. And we’ve been incredibly firm about, if you’ve got four different rapid responses, positive case, we come in, we close for 24 hours, get everybody tested. If you get four of those in a two-week period, you’re closed for two weeks.”

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