Where it Stands…

by Karl Denninger

Maybe this would be the limp wiener syndrome eh?

Is there evidence of fraud? Of course. There is always fraud in elections. Always. Those who say there is none are lying and have always been lying. But it has to be really close to change anything, which is why it usually doesn’t matter.

And it’s your fault as a candidate if it’s that close.

One of the biggest indicators is allegedly intentional undervotes. It boggles the mind to believe that someone who votes for President also does not vote for a House Candidate who is on the ballot as well, or a Senate Candidate if there is one in their state up for election this cycle. In addition there are nearly-always myriad other candidates and questions, from legalizing weed to bond issues for local schools and of course state legislative seats. Many jurisdictions also have judgeships and similar on the ballot.

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