U.S. Withdraws from Open Skies Treaty with Russia

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

The U.S. on Friday formally exited the Open Skies Treaty, around six months after President Trump announced the decision.

The treaty, struck in 1992, allows all 34 member countries to conduct unarmed aerial surveillance flights for data gathering about military forces and their activities. The agreement, whose goal was to promote transparency, came into effect in 2002. It says that the entire territory of a member country is up for observation and a flight can only be blocked for flight safety reasons but not national security concerns.

[…] The story: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the news on Twitter.

Today, pursuant to earlier notice provided, the United States withdrawal from the Treaty on Open Skies is now effective. America is more secure because of it, as Russia remains in non-compliance with its obligations.

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