Twitter Suspends Two Popular Accounts After They’re Retweeted By Trump

by Damjan Tutarkov
LaCorte News

Twitter continues its crackdown on conservatives even after weeks of hearings in the Senate where Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey and other Big Tech CEOs were grilled by Republicans over their companies’ repeated censorship against conservatives and Trump supporters.

The story: Journalist and videographer Savanah Hernandez, and a conservative commentator going by “Stonewall Jackson” recently had their Twitter accounts suspended, just days after President Trump had re-tweeted some of their posts, according to the social-media watchdog site ReclaimTheNet.

Hernandez had more than 122,000 followers and she frequently covered on-the-ground events, including the pro-Trump “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. on Saturday where many peaceful Trump supporters were harried and assaulted by belligerent counterprotesters.

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