by Karl Denninger

As I write this it is well before the polls close; it is set to post Wednesday morning.

I thus am not writing from a position of knowledge, nor does it matter. I am neither saying “that didn’t age well” (my previous Ticker) nor am I taking a victory lap, because time of posting is not time of writing, necessarily.

Nope, I decided before the election that the week following it was going to be a time of being mostly quiet on this blog. As I said I expect we will know the outcome by 11:00 or so Tuesday night, but I could be wrong about that, and I have no expectation that when you see this the war is still on and nobody has conceded anything — despite the obvious result.

One thing I said before and will repeat: We must change the election system in this nation so you vote on exactly one day, Election Day, you dip your finger in indelible ink as they do in other nations to prevent voting more than once and this way anyone can be an election monitor with a little clicky-box as is used to count people that come into or out of a place and count dipped fingers then square that against the number of ballots in a precinct. That stops all allegations of either ballot stuffing or shredding immediately.

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