The Real Election ‘Trump Card’: Refuse to Certify

by Jay Valentine
American Thinker

This week started off with almost every Big Media entity congratulating “President-Elect Joe Biden.” There is now an Office of the President Elect, some fabrication that I recall was created by Obama to suck the oxygen out of the room even before he took office.

Republicans are being pilloried for not being able to show “proof” of election fraud. Trump’s team has provided the List of the Dead, an Egyptian-like roll of voters who voted from the grave. Tucker Carlson ran lists on his show — dead people who rose from the grave to vote.

As Republicans seek those gnarly voter rolls, get their hands on the most egregious ballots, they are stymied at every step. For every Republican court case, there are Democrats opposing them or sitting on the judicial bench thwarting them. Running out the clock.

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