The Origins of American Vote Fraud

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

Ever since Mayor Daley of Chicago “found” tens of thousands of dead people to “vote” for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election, many Americans have suspected the Democratic Party’s urban political machines to be awash in voter fraud. That suspicion has not been diminished by the actions of the mayor’s son William, Al Gore’s campaign chairman and the man in charge of the vote “recount” taking place in Florida.

As notorious as the Democrat political machines are, the origins of vote fraud in America lie in the party of Lincoln. The massive vote fraud that took place during the War between the States and for the ensuing twelve years of “Reconstruction” provides an abject lesson in tyranny that has ominous implications for American taxpayers.

There are news reports that during the 2000 presidential election cycle many absentee ballots never made it to military personnel overseas, while 40 percent of those that were returned to the state of Florida were thrown out because of minor technicalities (like absence of a postage stamp).

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