The Media Know There Was Vote Fraud So Why Do the Presstitutes Deny the Obvious?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The Presstitutes Speak With One Voice. They are unanimous that there was no vote fraud committed by Democrats and that a record number of Americans voted for a president suffering from mental confusion whose campaign rallies went unattended.

If the presstitutes are so confident that there is no evidence to back the legal challenges, why are the prostitutes working overtime to discredit the challenges in advance? All presstitutes are in denial that there is any evidence of fraud. Why not just wait for the challenges to fail? Why all the whistling in the dark?

The Boston Globe, for example, claims that no election officials doubt the validity of the vote and that Trump “has launched a series of long-shot legal challenges in several state aimed at casting doubt on election results, despite no evidence of voter fraud”

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