The Dangerous and Invisible Hand in the 2020 Election: Charles Koch’s i360

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

As Congress and 17 intelligence agencies of the U.S. government have investigated Russia engaging in interference in U.S. presidential elections, here is what has been going on right under the nose of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Justice Department and all those intelligence agencies: one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world, Koch Industries, which has a massive financial interest in being allowed to continue to pollute the environment with its fossil fuels businesses, is allowed to simultaneously run a political campaign funding network as well as a political data mining and voter targeting operation on an unprecedented scale.

The Chairman and CEO of Koch Industries, billionaire Charles Koch, sits atop this political juggernaut and has been given far too much cover by mainstream media. As television networks struggle to explain the spread of hate and divisiveness in America, the operations of i360 should be center stage.

Much is already known about the Koch political network and the hundreds of millions of dollars it has pumped into political campaigns for right-wing candidates willing to adopt a climate science denial position. But few Americans are aware of the creepy and Orwellian reach of Koch Industries’ i360 data mining and voter targeting operations.

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