That Baleful Presence of George Soros, All Over the Biden ‘Transition’ Team

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

With the presumptuousness of a usurper, Joe Biden is holding press conferences behind a phony ‘Office of the President-Elect’ podium, as if he had won the election and there were no court challenges regarding widespread cheating to sort out. In his suddenly natty navy blue bespoke suit, he’s playing president for the television cameras to the hilt, and also assembled a 4,300-person transition team to comb through every branch of government to ensure loyalists alone.

But behind the scenes, everyone knows it’s some kind of sham. With the House moving sharply right and the Senate a likely Republican hold, he’ll be a lame duck president whose chief appointment should probably be a food taster. His ambitious vice president is breathing down his back. And his conflicts with the far-left are already well-known, with socialists of the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez camp demanding their cut, and far left looter-rioters such as those of Black Lives Matter, calling to be ‘paid’ for their support. The bitterness of the Bernites is on display, too, just look at some of the articles printed in Medium.

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