So Which is it Folks?

by Karl Denninger

Did not Biden and Harris throw all manner of shade on the premise of “Operating Warp Speed”?

Did not Cuomo pledge that he would not allow a “Trump” vaccine to be used until his state had independently verified it? (Something he can’t do, by the way; Interstate Commerce and all, I remind you.) Oh by the way, he hasn’t stopped that crap either.

This morning brings “news” that Pfizer allegedly has a “90% effective” vaccine. We’ll see. The timing is a bit, well, suspicious. “It is when it is”? Uh huh, sure it is. But the 1,500 point DOW crank off it, and a literal lock-limit-up on the Russel Futures says everything you need to see.

Ten year yield is up 13% today too, by the way. If you were piled into Treasuries, well… ow, my *******!

Buy some cruise stocks, did you? Well, how about RCL up 28% this morning (!!!) Never mind GE (up nearly 14%).

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