Reality On Post-Election Challenges

by Karl Denninger

At this point all the screaming for money is treading dangerously close to the line of outright fraud and money-laundering.

Let’s cut the bull**** folks — there is no path in Congress in January.

The process is called out in 3 USC Section 15.

The first order of business for the new Congress is to seat its members. You could try to stop enough Democrats from being seated to deny them the majority, but since it’s a Democrat majority that won’t work unless you physically stop them. The only legal means to prevent it would be to have them under arrest on some charge; otherwise, since Congress makes its own rules on what is disqualifying you can forget it. Such challenges to seating members have been made in the past and occasionally succeed, but again — unless you’re talking about violence this is unlikely to go anywhere since there is a Democrat majority.

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