Panama Rolls Out New Residency Options

by Simon Black
Sovereign Man

If the idea of packing up and leaving has crossed your mind lately, you certainly aren’t alone.

With so many people across the globe staring at a new wave of COVID lockdowns, higher taxes, more chaos in their cities, etc., heading out for greener pastures is a really attractive proposition, especially now that so many people are able to work from home.

Even if you’re not ready to make a move just yet, you might be concerned about the direction of your home country. And in that case, you certainly want to at least start considering your options.

If you ever did have to leave, where would you go? That’s a question you want to answer way in advance, and not wait until you’re packing your bags. So if you ever do feel the need to make an abrupt exit, all the groundwork will already have been laid.

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