Are They Coming for Your Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin? with Martin Armstrong

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Martin Armstrong returns to talk about the post election landscape… Could the country be locked down? Mass destruction of small businesses. Is it a deliberate crushing of the economy to implement the Great Reset. Socialism is collapsing. All their programs are unfunded and there’s no ability to fund them. Negative interests rates and mass monetization have failed. Accoding to Martin they’re looking at Communism 3.0. See Klaus Schwaab. They can’t sell bonds any more and they can’t fund pension. The only way out is to take everything. The biggest propaganda ever. At this point is this like the end of the Roman Republic. Just as they attacked Caesar for crossing the Rubicon. Fake news ruled in Rome as well. The job losses due to the pandemic have been legendary. In Germany you can’t even stay in a hotel. It’s Communism all the way down the line. Computer has been projecting no elections after 2024, down the line. All around the world. They’ll be suspending elections. Many businesses are just closing and not even bothering to file for bankruptcy, especially if they’re debt-free. Florida has been hit the least. New York, Chicago, Philadelphia are ghost towns. Banks are cutting their debt to their small business clients. New York bankers are going to take a big hit. Big tech has been involved in this war on the people. If the Dems gain control they’re coming for your gold, silver and crypto. Any formal depository, safe deposit box will be subject seizure. Civil War 2.0 – South and Midwest vs. The PacWest, Northeast and New England.

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  1. Well….The Marxists are not going to take control, because Trump is going to win and serve 4 more years.

  2. I would not mind seeing President Trump stay in office. I am thinking a GOP Senate would really make a Kamala administration impotent going forward. A Trump re-election would enable him to finish some things that were started. God help us all in a Democratic Administration because those people are unhinged to say it politely.

  3. I know many Capitalists moving out of the US. They are moving their families and gaining citizenship by heritage or investment; Belize, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Sweden, even Mexico. They know the US is in the Fall of the U.S. empire. Change comes slowly and then all at once, overnight.

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