Growing Threat from China with Daria Novak

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Daria Novak was a 2016 Candidate for US Congress, Co-host Vernuccio-Novak Report, and Pres. Institute for American Politics & Center for Global Power Studies. At a recent major Chinese Communist Party meeting the plan for world domination was spelled out in detail. China perceives an opportunity to become the world’s superpower and rule accordingly. Another reason why this election was so important. It’s either rule or be ruled. Will this result in Russia being driven more towards the West and away from China? China’s dam infrastructure in greatly imperiled. Most of China’s efforts are potentially damaging to West. You need to educate yourself and understand the magnitude of the threat. Chinese nationals are leaving the West and returning to China en masse. What is the significance of of that move? What’s ahead for the world?

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