Don’t Burn More Than You Earn with Jeff Socha

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Jeff Socha is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and prominent financial advisor in Austin, TX. He joins us with his market Forecast for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. Volatility is the theme. There’s so much uncertainty that we could go anywhere. Changing political directions mean it’s up in the air. There’s lots of pains in Blue States, small business, restaurants, etc. People are stocking up on swimming pools and RV’s. Services are getting slammed. Employees will have to retrain and reinvent.

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  1. Dear Kerry, I am a long time follower and really enjoy your show and your guests. My question is this: I hear so much about “GOLD” as the only answer for the great “RESET”. I have investments near one million and with other properties and incomes, I would imagine my net worth would be near $1,600.00 with an income nar $125.000.00 yearly. I have some silver, maybe 500 ounces against inflation. Here’s my question, my Edward Jones investments have quadrupled over the years and I can’t see clearing out the account and buying gold, maybe a little more barter silver but there has been a stock market since Man lived in caves. Are my investments safe?. I have seen crashes in 1987 2000, 2001, 2011,2008, and 2020, and in each case some 40 percent drops or more, I always float back to the top in several months. I am over the March drop now by 15 percent. Do you have guests who have spoken of market volatility and wisdom for the smart investor? I have spoken to my advisor and all we have and are invested in are those companies which do well in depressions as they produce those products people have to buy regardless of the times. My credit score is 832. What advice are you hearing? Calvin Moon,

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