#CancelFoxNews – Do You Agree That Fox News Has Gone Way Too Far to the Left?

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

I have never seen conservatives more angry at Fox News than they are right now. Fox News was launched on October 7th, 1996 and it immediately struck a chord with millions upon millions of conservatives that were deeply frustrated with the endless liberal bias of the mainstream media. But over the years the network has changed. Yes, they still have Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, and both of them are excellent. But the network as a whole has just continued to drift left, and at this point it is hard to distinguish Fox News from CNN most of the time.

Up until just recently, most conservatives were willing to overlook the decline of the network as a whole because they could still tune in to Tucker and Hannity at night.

But this election has changed everything. Fox News didn’t just call Arizona for Biden a few hours before CNN and many other major networks. It was literally days before CNN and most of the other networks finally followed suit, and this absolutely enraged many Trump supporters…

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