Biden May Be Uniquely Suited To Combat Coronavirus, Rebuild Trust, GOP Strategist Says

by Andrew Trunsky

While the election’s results demonstrated an “era of hyper-activism,” they also reflect Americans’ want for “competent, more moderate leadership,” Republican strategist Bruce Mehlman told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“Now more than ever, Americans believe they need to speak out, they need to march, they need to protest… [and] they need to vote,” Mehlman, whose reports have long guided policymakers and strategists, told the DCNF. But, Mehlman also said that Americans wanted “competent, more moderate leadership.”

“In the case of the presidency, [Americans] chose to give the keys to Joe Biden,” Mehlman said, “At the same time, you saw voters suggesting that [they] don’t want to support a more progressive agenda. Rather, they want a much narrower approach to governance,” he added.

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