Another Comex Price Smash

by Craig Hemke
Sprott Money

It appears that there is no longer any reason at all to own gold in any form. Didn’t you hear that there’s now a Covid vaccine and that the Biden/Yellen combo will solve all future debt and deficit issues? So, sell it all and buy stocks and Bitcoin. At least, that’s what The Banks hope you do.

What a truly exasperating past few weeks this has been. Of course, I know that price actually peaked at $2080 over 100 days ago, but it’s the past 16 days that have been the most excruciating. And now we are getting absolutely smoked this week on no new news and in spite of option expiration. What we now have is an utter liquidation of December positions—driving at times up to $5 of backwardation versus the spot price—all in the name of Covid Cures and an alleged removal of concern over a contested election. All of which is laughable, but none of that laughter can keep price above the 200-day moving average.

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