A Tough Year for Santa

by Rick Ackerman

The smell of distribution is as strong as wood smoke these days, but you’ve got to give DaBoyz credit for keeping a million-ton garbage barge airborne while they work their special brand of magic and deception. Usually, Wall Street is pushing the ‘Santa rally’ narrative hard at this time of year, leavened by urgent speculation about how “green” Christmas will be. Santa obviously won’t be making the rounds in 2020, however, especially in department stores where his beard would become a superspreader device to rival the hydrogen bomb in killing power. Definitely not the Kris Kringle of our childhood. One holiday fixture that is certain to survive is endless TV showings of It’s a Wonderful Life, the Jimmy Stewart classic with an ending that could bliss out Jack the Ripper. It’s hard to imagine anything that has happened so far this year that anyone will look back on with nostalgia. Bringing just a little sweetness to a child’s day has never been more challenging for a parent, but it surely must begin with shutting out the digital world, particularly the Disney-fied version of it, for a few hours.

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