United Kingdom is “Outlining” Harsher Lockdown Restrictions

by Mac Slavo

Get ready. This could still happen again here: a second lockdown. The United Kingdom is outlining new harsher and more restrictive lockdown measures as cases of coronavirus continue to skyrocket amind this scamdemic.

The British government is set to outline further restrictive measures for England on Monday, including stricter local lockdowns, as it attempts to curb a rapid increase in coronavirus infections, according to a report by CNBC. It would be wise to not assume this couldn’t happen in the United States again, even though support for lockdowns has warned. The ruling class does not care what the public wants.

Liverpool and Manchester and other parts of northern England could see the strictest measures as they have seen infection rates soar since the national lockdown was lifted in the summer. British media reports suggest that pubs, restaurants and gyms in the worst-hit areas could be forced to close for four weeks as the government scrambles to put a brake on a second wave of infections.

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