UChicago Activist Group Advises Students to Not Call Police When They Witness Stealing

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

UChicago United, a coalition of activist groups at the University of Chicago, is advising students to avoid calling the police for certain crimes and is taking shots at the school.

The story: The coalition recently released the 2020 edition of its “dis-orientation” booklet. The 63-page booklet covers various topics, including race, free speech, and global justice. According to its Facebook Page, UChicago Unite was “formed to make the University of Chicago campus more inclusive for students of marginalized backgrounds and identities.”

[…] Don’t call the police: The booklet tells students that the university will teach them to call the University of Chicago Police Department for a crime but that they shouldn’t. Instead of going to the police when witnessing stealing, they should assess the situation, talk to the person who is having a “crisis” or is “disturbing others,” and reach out to social services hotlines.

The coalition advised students to not “prioritize defending private property” over “ensuring people’s safety.”

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