‘Rather Die from Covid Than Loneliness’: Seniors Protest Lockdowns Outside of Colorado Nursing Home

“We did this because one thing we have to look forward to is a simple hug…”

by Jon Brown
Daily Wire

A group of longterm-care residents at a nursing home in Greeley, Colorado, protested outside their residence last week in opposition to lingering state lockdown restrictions that keep them from having physical contact with their loved ones.

Approximately 20 residents, many in wheelchairs, gathered outside Fairacres Manor on Thursday, according to CBS4 Denver. Some of the handwritten signs they held read, “Prisoners in our own home” and “Give us freedom.”

One resident’s sign stated simply that she would rather die from COVID-19 than loneliness.

The Fairacres Resident Council organized the event, according to CBS4. Resident Council President Sharon Peterson told the outlet, “We used to be lucky here at Fairacres to show each other what we mean to one another and we cannot do that anymore.

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