Obamacare’s Costs Soar So High, Americans Now Delaying Medical Treatment – Study

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

Democrats can’t character-assault Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett the way they did Brett Kavanaugh, so they’re screaming bloody murder that Barrett will kill millions of Americans in the event she rules against Obamacare.

According to Rich Lowry, writing in the New York Post:

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin says that this is her “assignment.” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island says that she is a “judicial torpedo” aimed at the Affordable Care Act.

President Trump admitted a vote for Judge Barrett is a vote to take away health care and pre-existing condition protections for millions of Americans. https://t.co/kdKIkbEwy8

— Chuck Schumer (@SenSchumer) September 27, 2020

She’s coming to take something away from you.

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