Influential Mask Study Under Retraction Watch

by AIER Staff
The American Institute for Economic Research

On October 23, Nature Magazine published a study that claimed a national mask mandate would save 130,000 lives. It read in part:

We find that achieving universal mask use (95% mask use in public) could be sufficient to ameliorate the worst effects of epidemic resurgences in many states. Universal mask use could save an additional 129,574 (85,284–170,867) lives from September 22, 2020 through the end of February 2021, or an additional 95,814 (60,731–133,077) lives assuming a lesser adoption of mask wearing (85%), when compared to the reference scenario.

The study led to more than 100 headlines around the world, and a statement by Dr. Anthony Fauci in favor of a national masking. It immediately became political, with the Democratic presidential candidate once again leaning in favor of having the police enforce a face covering for all American citizens.

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