Election Toss-Up with Martin Armstrong (Ep #4942)

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Martin Armstrong returns to talk about the election… On electoral votes Trump should win again. Turnout will be at least 55% or even 61%. The model has never been wrong. It also shows that this election will be the most corrupt election in history, with Big Tech conspiracies and mail fraud and who knows? It may take 2 weeks to know who actually won. Hard to say because it’s so rigged and they are so desperate to toss out Trump, in furtherance of their international agenda. Biden’s crime family is doing what all political crime families in DC do. This is how the corruption takes place. It’s not just Biden, it’s all of Congress. Report your income and that of your spouse but not the rest of the family, like son Hunter and brother James.

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  1. What evidence does Mr. Armstrong have the “Biden crime family” as he puts it?
    And does he believe that Donald Trump is just pure lilly white as the driven snow
    as far as financial manipulations, tax avoidance, violations of the emoluments clause right and left, and so on?

    And what about massive national voter suppression efforts by Republican operatives and attorneys? Or, is he blind to these activities?

    And where is the evidence of “widepsread voter fraud”? Source, publication, study, dates?

  2. Pete: Corruption in private practice is one thing. Public office, used to increase your personal wealth, is an entirely different thing. First, it is BS to have taxpayers pay you and then you compete in a rigged in your favor system against the taxpayer. Second, you become a national security risk. Our enemies will use the corruption as leverage.
    Trump is likely as lilly white as the next developer. Probably paid off politicians. Not at national security or taxpayer expense. That says much more about the politician than it does the businessman.
    Our system is ridiculously corrupt. I would not be surprised if the entire “book deal” system isn’t corrupt. Why not? How do these guys sell millions of dollars of books and three years later you can buy them used for ten cents? Heck, you can’t buy a standard bible used for less than 5 bucks. It is all there on amazon. Come on. Take off your rose colored glasses.
    BTW, the IRS does zero investigative work on charities….the big politician charities (Foundations) are nothing but money laundering schemes….donor gets a write off, foundation gets to spend the money, taxpayers get the bill. Got it?

    • Samantha, if Pete can’t see the crimes of the Biden family, he either doesn’t want to see it, or he can see it, but he’s pretending to be blind.

      Listen here…. You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

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