Dog-Whistling Marxists is Not a Winning Strategy

by Rick Ackerman

Bulls are straining to hold shares aloft, but we haven’t seen sufficient weakness to infer that the stock market smells a Biden victory. That would be a catastrophe for Wall Street, even if some pundits insist investors might actually prefer him. We now have fake opinions, it would seem, to supplement fake news intended to support Biden. Investors needn’t worry in any event, since there is no credible logic to support polls that show Biden leading comfortably. It evaporates when you factor in millions of Trump supporters who’d rather not talk about it with Gallup, Quinnipiac et al. Why risk having a fiery jack-o-lantern heaved through your living room window, or getting ‘keyed’ by some Biden partisan who doesn’t agree with your MAGA bumper sticker? The so-called low-propensity voters may not be very visible, but there are assuredly plenty of them out there. They will put Trump comfortably enough over the top to moot the inevitable post-election recounts.

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