Biden Reportedly Won’t Be Seen Again Until Debate Night

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

CBS News correspondent Ed O’Keefe stated that Joe Biden will avoid public appearances until the presidential debate, which is scheduled for Thursday.

What he said: O’Keefe said that the Democratic presidential nominee and his campaign will largely focus on preparing the candidate for the upcoming debate with President Trump. He suggested that part of the plan is to keep Biden out of the public eye.

“And [Democrats] worry that if they can’t keep their base motivated, if they can’t keep convincing people to show up, whether it’s early or on the day of, they’re going to be in trouble. This week is mostly about debate prep,” O’Keefe said on “Face the Nation.”

“He will not be seen again after today until Thursday night in Nashville at that next debate. So, they are going to keep him focused on that. That’s a signal that they believe this is still a very big opportunity for them to provide one last big contrast with the President, and that they have to prepare him for potential attacks from the President.”

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