With Gold & Silver Prices Still Consolidating 2020’s Massive Gains, Look at What is Happening Behind the Scenes

from King World News

With gold and silver continuing to consolidate the massive gains seen in 2020, look at what is happening behind the scenes.

Bull, Bears, Parabolic NASDAQ

September 2 (King World News) – Peter Boockvar: According to Investors Intelligence the bullish sentiment continues to get more extreme. Bulls are now at 61.5 from 60 last week, the highest of the year. Anything above 60 is considered rarified air. Bears did tick up to 16.4 from 16.2 but its spread to Bulls of 45.1 is extraordinarily wide. Those expecting a correction are at the least since September 2018. Combine this with the Citi Panic/Euphoria index and it’s clear where the ‘professionals’ have laid their chips, on the Euphoric line. It is certainly working for now and reflected in the parabolic move higher in the NASDAQ. This will really matter at some point but defining ‘at some point’ though is of course the unknown.

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