Why I Dumped Skype for Zoom

from Viral Podcasting

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I was having loads of problems dealing with Skype! during the pandemic. Seems like the call quality had just deteriorated past the point of no return. Video quality was way off, so after participating in a high quality Zoom call, my decision was made. I made the switch. Now I don’t like platforms where you can’t initiate the call to your guest, which you certainly can’t do on Zoom. However, it’s great calendar integration made up for some of that control. The quality of their video interface is excellent and their screen flow, where you can set the call to record the video of the person speaking, among other options. So I took the plunge and am happy I did. Skype! does have a few advantages though, their technology for preventing cross-talk is superior as is their ability to block out feed back during a call. But all things considered, Zoom is the better platform.

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