Violent Desperate Democrats, Biden’s Disaster Platform, Economic Update

Greg Hunter’s Weekly News Wrap-Up for September 4th, 2020

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts said it best this past week on Dr. Roberts said, “You have to assume the Democrats believe they have already lost, and so they will figure out how to steal it.” One of the tactics is outright violence and threats. Dems boast it will continue if Biden does not get elected to the White House in November. Voter fraud by mail is another ploy Dems are trying, but it’s not going to work.

You want to know why Biden is always attacking President Trump? It keeps him from talking about the disastrous Democrat plans for the nation that will dramatically raise your taxes, defund the police and put illegal aliens above citizens of America. It’s also all sorts of free stuff for Dem voters, and you are going to pay dearly for it.

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