The Open Supreme Court Seat is a Final Test for Trump, Senate Republicans and America’s Conservatives

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

The sudden passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg shocked the entire country, and it has set up a battle for the ages in Washington. Democrats are promising to fight with everything that they have got to keep that seat from being filled before the election, but in the end there isn’t that much they can do. The Republicans control the White House and the U.S. Senate, and so they have the power to fill that seat if they wish to do so. Unfortunately, there are already cracks in Republican solidarity. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins have both publicly stated that they will not support a confirmation vote before election day, and two more defections would push Republicans below the 50 votes that they need to confirm a nominee. But for the purposes of this article, I will assume that there will be no more defections.

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