The Insanity Continues: Massive Diesel Engines Used to Balance Australia’s Renewable Energy Fiasco

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

How does Australia deal with the terrible and chaotic wind and solar power intermittency problem in its electric grid? How about with massive diesel engines used to power large ships?? Sound crazy? Not in Australia. If a country is going to ramp up power generation with insanely erratic wind and solar power, then we shouldn’t be surprised to see these enormous diesel ship engines used to try and fix the problem.

Thus, if we have stupid solutions then we must use stupid bandaids. Again, the insanity continues.

The credit for the information in this brief article goes to, which focuses on the problems associated with wind and solar power generation. The article, Ships Ahoy! Giant Diesel-Fuelled Ship Engines ‘Solution’ For Australia’s Renewable Energy Crisis, provided me a few good laughs and the desire to share it on the

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