School Calls Cops on 12-Year-Old Boy Who Held Toy Gun During Zoom Class

Isaiah Elliott also received a five-day suspension, but plans to transfer.

by RobSoave

Isaiah Elliott, a 12-year-old boy who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is fond of his neon green Nerf gun—which has the words “ZOMBIE HUNTER” written on it.

Last week, during a virtual classroom session, Elliott briefly picked up his toy gun, causing it to appear on screen for just a few seconds. This was noticed by his teacher, who promptly alerted the authorities. As a result, the police paid a visit to Elliott’s home and the school suspended him for five days.

The teacher was fairly certain the gun was a toy, according to local news station KDVR. But instead of checking with the parents to assuage any doubts, the school went straight to the cops.

In a statement, the district explained that all school board policies would be enforced regardless of whether “we are in-person learning or distance learning.”

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